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Boro Takeout New Franchise of Mr. Delivery


By Eminah Quintyne

After nine years of delivering food in the Statesboro and surrounding areas, Boro Takeout will now be a franchise of Mr. Delivery, an online ordering and food delivery service located in 20 cities across the U.S. This business decision creates expansion and streamlines the details of many operational procedures Boro Takeout previously undertook on its own. Now Boro Takeout will deliver for a broader scope of restaurants including more chain and local restaurants.

Nine years ago, Boro Takeout began on a handshake. Rick Robins and Stephen and Sally Minton are business partners and the owners of Boro Takeout. The business began when the Mintons closed a restaurant they owned, Jaman Caribbean Cafe. They had a relationship with Robins, who used to sell credit card machines part-time, and he encouraged they all go into a food delivery business. The Mintons focused on the food service aspects of the business, and Robins was responsible for finance. They developed a great working relationship over their collaborative passion for food.

“Food brings variety, creativity — there are so many things you can do and flavors you can create. Food brings everyone together because everyone likes to eat. It is a common denominator with people. I enjoy food delivery because there is no food cost. I like the simplicity of it, and I meet a lot of great people who order, ” said Sally.

To reflect the Mr. Delivery brand, the Boro Takeout name will change to Mr. Delivery along with the logo and overall business model. Boro Takeout customer service representatives (CSR)  will be trained and paid through Mr. Delivery. Food delivery drivers are paid an hourly rate plus tips. In addition, Delivery Drivers Incorporated (DDI) will hire 100 percent of all delivery drivers, conduct a driving record background check using their driver’s license, offer commercial insurance at a rate of less than $10 per week and will pay delivery drivers every Friday through direct deposit or through a reloadable card in lieu of having a bank account. Mr. Delivery will also route calls for food delivery orders to CSRs through their Texas call center. Sally will continue to develop relationships with new and existing restaurants to get them on board as a food delivery option and will reach out to areas in Atlanta and additional counties.

“We are at a point in business where we seek to develop more standard operating procedures we wanted to continue with our business, but we also sought to really expand and to become a part of a larger brand,”  said Sally.

Currently, Boro Takeout serves Statesboro, Savannah, Rincon, Richmond Hill, Hinesville and Thomasville. Their goal is to be among the largest food delivery services, competing with the likes of GrubHub or Ubereats, in Georgia and beyond.

“We want customers to be happy with the quality of food. Customer service is a priority for Boro Takeout. We want to be known for delivering high quality of food that is hot and fresh and known for having premier customer service. I enjoy customer service and problem-solving,”  said Sally.

To assure food is delivered hot and fresh, Boro Takeout invested in high-quality delivery bags. They primarily use a catering jacket bag which has tethered boards for hot and cold food items and one inch of poly batting on all six sides to help insulate the bag, keeping food at the right temperature. Custom delivery jackets are put into use for Chinese or Asian foods due to the nature of the boxed food containers, and pizzas are delivered in a pizza jacket. Delivery time is important to Boro Takeout. They will not place an order unless a delivery driver is lined up. CSRs are frank about true delivery time. Sally works to ensure food is delivered in a reasonable amount of time.

Food delivery can be more than a meal. For some, it is personal and thoughtful. Sally shared that a woman living in England ordered three steak dinners to be delivered for her father’s birthday. Each steak was sent one at a time each day over the weekend before he went out for the evening. A gentleman who was out of town ordered a meal for his fiancée and surprised her with a Skype dinner so they could enjoy a meal together, and a concerned mom called worried about how she could get fluids to her sick son and Boro Takeout delivered.

Boro Takeout started with eight deliveries during their first week of business. They had a minimum of six drivers and as many as 14 delivery drivers at a time. Today, they get more than 1,000 hits on their website per day and make approximately 150 deliveries per day. The sky is the limit, and their vision is to grow broad and firm.


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