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Local Entrepreneurs Change Lives with Self-care

By Eminah Quintyne

Because physical, mental, and emotional balance may be impacted by stress, Pause Button 2.0 created a platform to help alleviate stress through a podcast.  Anita Brown and Jill Johns are the owners and co-hosts of Pause Button 2.0. Both women are married with children and have had long careers in varying industries. The conviction to launch this platform came from recognizing stress is an undeniable part of life and should be treated with healthy coping mechanisms to prevent dysfunction and disease. A spotlight is shed on everyday people because the owners believe the everyday person is special considering everyday people work to do the best they can with where they are in life.

At the Pause Button 2.0, we celebrate each and every self-care ‘penny’ that’s gathered along the journey that leads to a lifetime of physical, emotional and spiritual ‘wealth,’” said Jill.

Vulnerable storytelling is the underpinning to Pause Button 2.0.  The message behind the platform’s name is about pausing on the hustle and bustle of life to bring awareness to the present moment. Practical application of self-care techniques are offered through the podcast, video footage, and workshops and retreats.

“People connect with others when they’re able to say ‘me too,’ and it’s difficult to get that connection unless there’s vulnerable storytelling. When we see ourselves in someone else’s story, we feel connected through empathy. Empathetic relationships offer people support and space for change when change is necessary. Our audio is very lightly edited, and listeners feel like they’re part of the conversation,” said Anita.

Owners express they have a strong sense of self, and the quality of their relationships with others did not improve until they improved the quality of the relationship they had with themselves.

“It makes sense that when we are filled will compassion for ourselves, we have it to give to others. Likewise, when we give ourselves the time and space to process our emotions, we are inclined to offer that to others,” said Anita.

Mini-courses, free downloads, and social media and online interactions are support tools Pause Button 2.0  offers listeners. Jill expressed they offer workshops and retreats because sometimes listeners want more like interacting with others on a similar path and with the co-host.

The Pause Button 2.0 podcast provides a community and a platform for people to explore self-care in an honest and supported environment. We pride ourselves on building relationships with our listeners through vulnerable storytelling and playful banter and we carry that relationship into the real world,” said Jill. Workshops and retreats work to bridge the gap that may disconnect people from one another in a digital age.

Jill admits she likes to celebrate the success in the mundane parts of everyday life.

Ordinary happenings of everyday life impact people in different ways. Jill admits she likes to celebrate success in what some may cconsider the mundane parts of life.

“The success stories that resonate with me are the simple stories where listeners are proud of themselves for saying no to a seemingly simple ask, yet the power of saying no felt giant,” said Jill.

The wherewithal to make informed decisions is supported by sharing information, however, Anita expressed people are their own experts.

“No one else can determine what the answer will be for us. Each of us has the capacity for knowing what is best for ourselves. Sometimes we don’t trust ourselves and end up giving that power to others,” said Anita.

Pause Button 2.0 is about providing content to help the community make informed decisions about giving themselves the right to feel things, be human, and work through the many stressors of everyday life. The owners are local and may be found online at:

SoundCloud, iTunes and Stitcher


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