Institute Affiliate Faculty

The i²STEMe recruits affiliate faculty from all colleges to work on STEM education initiatives. Affiliate faculty initially submit a letter of interest to their Department Chairs and/or Dean. Selected faculty are then nominated to the Institute and by accepting a nomination are indicating their interest in STEM education and are made aware of Institute opportunities and services. We encourage our Affiliates to:

  1. Collaborate on grant proposals across, within, and through disciplines across campus (interdisciplinary).
  2. Attend a once a semester meeting (Fall and Spring) to meet with other affiliates and to hear what the Institute is up to.
  3. Promote the Institute through collaboration and partnerships both at GSU and in the community.
  4. Work with Fellows
  5. Participate in outreach such as the i²EXPLORE STEMFest and other opportunities to further your knowledge and your experiences with STEM.
  6. Are you interested in becoming an Affiliate Member?  Fill out the application here and return it to



 The Institute for Interdisciplinary STEM Education looks forward to working with our new Affiliate Faculty members over the next three years. They join a distinguished group of 68 Affiliates working on improving STEM teaching and learning in the Coastal Plains of Georgia and beyond.

Dr. Mete Akcaoglu—COE—Leadership, Tech. & Human Dev
Dr. Kathryn Anderson—CHHS—Nursing
Dr. Tavis Anderson—-COSM—Biology
Dr. Checo Colon-Gaud—COSM—Biology
Dr. Todd Deal—Student Leadership and Civic Engagement
Dr. Geoff Dick– COBA—Information Systems
Dr. Christy Dubert—CHHS– Nursing
Dr. Lucy Green-COE—Leadership, Tech, & Human Dev.
Dr. Laurie Gould—CLASS—Criminal Justice & Criminology
Dr. Tracy Linderholm—COE—Curr. Found. & Reading
Dr. Les Loncharich-CLASS—Writing & Linguistics
Dr. Karen McCurdy—CLASS—Political Science
Dr. Oluseyi Odubote—COSM—Mathematics
Dr. Danda Rawat—CEIT—Electrical Engineering
Dr. Valetin Soloiu—CEIT—Mechanical Engineering
Dr. Zachary Stahlschmidt—COSM– Biology
Dr. Jing Sun—COSM– Chemistry
Dr. Ji Wu—COSM—Chemistry

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