Interdisciplinary Teaching

The Institute believes strongly in Interdsiciplinary Teaching at all grades K-20. In an effort to model this, we are offering our first Freshman Orientation Class called ZOMBIE STEM (Solutions To Epidemic Meltdown): Lead by our Fellow Diana Sturges from the College of Health and Human Sciences this class will use the recent focus on a Zombie Apocalypse as a framework, we will investigate real world epidemic threats such as influenza. Student’s will take an interdisciplinary approach to creating solutions to the meltdown of society from communications and logistics to simple survival and dissemination of information when an infrastructure is drastically reduced (airline flights shut down; reduction of resources). They will investigate historical epidemics such as the plague and consider epidemic prediction, information, dissemination, pathogen identification, containment, cure, and humanitarian response.

Lead By: Dr. Diana Sturges (Anatomy) with Dr. Jim LoBue (Chemistry), Dr. Joanna Schreiber (Writing and Linguistics), Dr. Robert Mayes (Education), Dr. Fernando Rios-Gutierrez (Engineering), and Dr. Hani Samawi (Public Health)

Currently this class is only open to freshman for the 2014-2015 school year. We hope to expand it for future course offerings.

Future Degree Programs
A long term goal of the Institute is to establish interdisciplinary STEM Education Master’s programs for in-service STEM teachers, including one that serves elementary teachers, one for middle school teachers, one for secondary teachers, and one for college faculty including community college. These would be all online.

Another long term goal is to establish an interdisciplinary STEM Education Ph.D. program that includes strong content knowledge and pedagogical content knowledge components.

Last updated: 7/14/2016

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