Advisory Board

An Advisory Board consisting of the following members assists in help the Institute remain focused and committed to the improvement of STEM Education in the Coastal Plain of Georgia while reaching out across the country and world to seek resources to forward their mission.


  • Robert Mayes – Director i2STEMe
  • Charles Wilson – Bulloch County School District Superintendent

Currently the Institute Development Advisory board consists of:

  • Charles Patterson, VP of Research and Economic Development
  • Tom Koballa, College of Education Dean
  • Mohammad Davoud, AEP College of Engineering and Information Technology Dean
  • Martha Abell, College of Mathematical Sciences Dean
  • Barry Joyner, College of Health and Human Sciences Dean
  • Greg Evans, College of Public Health Dean
  • Allen Amason, College of Business
  • Christine Ludowise, College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences Associate Dean
  • Tracy Linderholm, College of Education Associate Dean
  • Charles Hodges,  College of Education Associate Professor
  • Rami Haddad, College of Engineering and Information Technology Assistant Professor
  • Charles Arvin, IBM

Last updated: 3/14/2017

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