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New Common Rule *Effective January 21, 2019.  GS has updated many of our IRB processes in preparation for implementing the new rules.  Forms are available to accommodate current and the new standards on the panel to the right.

Forms updated:  See the menu to the right for updated review type explanations and forms.   All linked forms are available for current use.

Major Regulation Changes: (drop down menus below)

  1. Informed Consent Requirements
  2. Continuing Review
  3. Exemptions  
  4. Single IRB Review
  5. Broad Consent and related exemptions 7 & 8 will not be implemented at GS because broad consent restrictions are highly restrictive for investigators.  In order to comply with the conditions of broad consent, the institution/researcher would be obligated to track data for each subject offered broad consent.  In addition, if a participant in the study declined to provide broad consent, future researchers would be barred from obtaining a waiver of consent for secondary research.

Additional Resources

Health and Human Services – New Common Rule Training Videos

USC Key Changes to the Common Rule  (16 min video)  USC Policies are compatible with GS policies.

Last updated: 1/22/2019

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