Limited Submissions by Sponsors


A Limited Submission is a funding program for which the sponsor has restricted the number of applications or proposals an institution can submit in response to that program. A partial listing of example programs with limited submission restrictions is provided below. The principal investigator is responsible for notifying the ORSSP if a proposal is being developed for any program that requires limited submissions from the institution.


The principal investigator should complete all Limited Submission Materials (below) and submit the information to the Grant Coordinator 2 calendar months prior to the submission deadline for the program. If the number of applicants exceeds the allowable number of submissions by the sponsor, a committee will be convened by the Vice President for Research to determine which proposal(s) will be approved for submission to the sponsor. Nominees are informed of the committee’s decision and successful applicants should develop their full proposals for submission utilizing normal ORSSP procedures.
Internal Competition Submission Materials
All nominees must complete the following when applying for Limited Submission programs:

  • Limited Submission Coversheet
  • Brief nomination Letter from Department Chair or equivalent
  • Two (2) page pre-proposal outlining proposed research program
  • Current CV
  • One (1) page resources/facilities statement
  • A copy of prior reviews in the case of a proposal resubmission

All materials should be received at least 2 calendar months prior to the submission deadline for the program.

Limited Submission Programs

As an example, the following is a partial list of programs requiring Limited Submissions as provided by the COS. These and other externally-funded programs may be found by searching COS from the ORSSP External Funding Opportunities page. Principal Investigators should review program guidelines of these and other programs to ensure that adequate time is provided for pre-proposal review.

Last updated: 8/18/2014

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