Herty Advanced Materials Development Center
Georgia Southern University

Our Team

Herty employs top-notch employees, who are part of the overall Herty team.  Each member of our team is a valued employee and an asset to this organization.

Within this team is a group of managers whose expertise allows them to manage, direct, and oversee the services offered.  This group (below) is the Leadership Team.

Administrative Services

Dr. Don McLemore

Donald McLemore, Ph.D., Interim Executive Director

Fern Howard, HR & Administrative Services

Tom Cox

Thomas Cox, Controller

Casey Erdmier

Casey Erdmier, Coordinator, Information Systems

Advanced Materials

Dr. Walter Chappas

Walter Chappas, Ph.D., Program Director, Advanced Materials

Danny Bragg

Daniel Bragg, Assistant Program Director

Laboratory Services

Martha Simmons

Martha Simmons, Director, Laboratory Services

Pilot Plant

Richard Robbins

Richard Robbins, Operations Director

Darnell Wilson

Darnell Wilson, Assistant Operations Director, Pilot Plant


Research Services (Bio-Products)

Dr. Omar Ali

Omar Ali, Ph.D., Program Director, Bio-Products


Linoj Kumar, Ph.D., Research Manager, Bio-Products


Dr. Rafael Quirino

Rafeal Quirino, Ph.D., Assistant Professor

Dr. Cheng Zhang

Cheng Zhang, Ph.D., Assistant Professor

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Last updated: 3/12/2017

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